We welcome all patients including:

  • Privately-insured patients
  • Workcover patients
  • TAC patients
  • Uninsured patients
  • Interstate patients
  • Overseas patients

Please call us on (03) 9329 0816 or email us at for an appointment.

Leaders in Complex Chronic Pain Management:

We specialize in complex chronic pain cases with 80-85% of our patients travelling long distances to see us from rural Victoria, interstate and overseas.

Chelsea House in North Melbourne is home to a large number of Medical Specialists, Allied Health (including psychologists, counselors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and podiatrists), Radiology Service, Pathology Service and Medical Supply. This allows our patients the ease of accessing multiple clinical services with each visit.

For our rural, interstate and international patients, we collaborate closely with patients’ other medical specialists and allied health care providers in their home town/city to reinforce high quality care. For example, many of our patients travel long distances to see us (specialists and allied health providers) and we provide the treatment plan and framework to them and their health care providers. After that, they will receive treatment in their home town as per our recommendation and come back for follow up review and treatment  once a month. For patients who require more X-rays/ultrasounds/CAT scans, blood tests and medical supply/physiotherapy tools, our friendly team of experienced clinic staff will organise everything to be available on the day patients come in. We also have two well-resourced pharmacies next to Chelsea House.This makes us a ONE stop shop for our rural/interstate and international patients.

“Trusted Friend in Journey of Recovery”

Our team is a trusted friend who tightly holds onto our patients’ hands in their journey of recovery from injury and illness.

We recognize recovery can be a lonely journey for many and often, the pain is kept within… so deep that patients cannot share or even talk about their pain to their family and friends. Each day, individual faces darkness, hopelessness and … seemingly endless mental suffering…

We provide a space…for air…for breathing…for a chance to let go of the loneliness of being trapped in the “cage” of pain.  “Finally, someone understands…” said one patient. Tears of relief, tears of joy, tears of pain, scream of frustration…all mixed up in making this clinic a haven for individuals who have suffered alone for too long.

We offer a space of peace and serenity…free of judgement…allowing individual to recover at their own pace.

“Empowering Our Patients”

We respect our patients and strongly believe that our patients have the POWER to improve their health when given correct advice and guidance.

Our “self-administered” pain program is individually planned for each person who attends our clinic. Each program is designed after comprehensive team assessment and appropriate radiology and pathology investigations.

In addition to conventional physiotherapy/hydrotherapy techniques and Pilates, our Physician and Physiotherapists may employ various techniques like mindfulness/meditation, relaxation therapy, water-based activities, movement/dance therapy, music therapy, coloring therapy and aromatherapy to enhance patient outcome.

For suitable patients, we also select and provide various physiotherapy tools and clinic resources for patient to bring home to work on each week as part of their “self-administered pain program”.

As part of our holistic approach, we also provide additional services for selective patients:

Dietary and lifestyle changes

Weight loss programs and referrals

Workplace advice

Relationships conflict management

Stress management

Couple counselling

Patient advocacy

“Practical Guiding Hands”

We provide practical solutions for our patients, and whenever appropriate, enhancing problem solving skills in day-to-day activities and return to work issues.

We have many years of experiences dealing with various Authorities like Work Cover Insurance Companies, Income Protection Insurance Companies and TAC. This allows our team to better support patients during patients’ stressful journey of recovery as well as providing practical guidance as patient painfully navigates through multiple IME (Independent Medical Examinations), Reconciliations and complex long letters from Authorities.


For consultations, we appreciate payment for the account on the day. We welcome most forms of payment including Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS and cash. We will then give you a formal receipt, which you can take to claim the private health insurance or Medicare rebate. Please contact our office on (03) 9329 0816 for more details on gap payment relating to health insurance, Workcover and TAC.

Please note; any cancellations made within 12 hours before your scheduled appointment will incur a cancellation fee at 100% of your consultation rate.

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